30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Our team works diligently to exceed your expectations each and every time. We promise to deliver exceptional communication, support and project timeliness. Should our team ever fall short of your expectations, simply bring the incident to our attention and feel free to exercise your right to our "30 Day Money Back Guarantee."

Our Promise To You

Email Communication
We promise to respond to every email with initial acknowledgement of the email within 2 hours and formal response, if applicable, within 24 hours, during business hours. Typically responses are processed within minutes of receipt. If you do not receive a response, please check your "SENT" folder to verify the email was processed. An online form is made available to guarantee improved communication.
Phone Consultation
We promise to deliver a thorough and unrushed scheduled phone consultation upon request at your convenience.
Project Completion
We promise to keep you informed on the progress of each project and the estimated delivery date.
Website Tasks And Updates
We promise to perform updates and tasks as outlined in your agreement.

Refund Exclusions

Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee is a tool to protect the consumer with recourse in the event satisfaction cannot be reached. As an ethical company with the highest of standards it is our goal to provide outstanding support in a continually changing industry. Some items cannot be refunded.
Once launched, marketing costs cannot be refunded under any circumstance. Like any marketing firm, we have limited control over 3rd party platforms and marketing results.
Multiple Domain Names
Only 1 domain name fee can be refunded per website design. We recommend waiting 30 days before ordering multiple domain names. Transfer costs of domain name(s) is an applicable cost without benefit of refund.
Hosting costs are not refundable after the time of usage. Prepaid hosting can be refunded after adjustments to regular rates have been applied. Processing costs may apply.
Design Purchases
Once you approve a design, the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee no longer applies to design elements.

Terms and Conditons of 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Any service or product created and or purchased on your behalf that is applicable under the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee reinstates ownership with our company. You may not reproduce, replicate, mimic or in any manner copy our design, content and domain name. If we have chosen a domain name for you, you may not now or for the next 2 years purchase a domain name under any extension that reproduces the domain name intially set for your website by our company without our written permission. Any content provided by you that has been edited by our company can no longer be used in any manner by you or any 3rd party commissioned by you or your company. We reserve the right to distribute and or resell any content, artwork and domain name(s) to another party for any purpose without notice or obligation to you.